Family Business

Hayley Dennis has got a lot of balls in the air ... and she is going to show us how to juggle them!

This amazing business woman, wife and mother has just released her first mini E-book titled "Love and Business - 5 Tips to Stay in Love and Stay in Business".

Working in a very successful and demanding company with her husband, Hayley addresses a situation that more and more families are finding themselves in.  When asked what motivates her she says,  "I love working with my husband, and I love what we have created, but I still feel pulled that there is more that I can do to serve people. "

Taking snaps of this busy mum with her four clever, energetic and gorgeous natured girls, it was clear that, although life is very full, Hayley has ensured that her family is a tight knit group.

"It was simple to see that all of the questions I get asked are all based around the family/work unit and how to make it work successfully.

This has lead me to the path I am on now of helping couples and families in business master strategies and plans to ensure their business and personal lives thrive."

Hayley's book is available to download via her website  and follow her on Facebook via her page More than a Mum.